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Fighting and Avoiding Cancer

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A friend of mine has just been recently diagnosed of cancer. When I heard the news, I was really shocked because back in the days when we were spending more time together, she was very healthy and very athletic. I never expected her to have to fight cancer because she was very fit.

The event really made me wonder just what could actually cause the body to be susceptible to cancer cells.

Some studies show that cancer has the possibility to be hereditary. It is not the cancer cells itself that are passed on but the broken DNA or weak DNA that cancer cells are able to target. Meaning, since DNA is passed from generation to generation, a DNA that has been susceptible to cancer cells before, can also be passed on and still be susceptible to cancer. Knowing this, it’s a good thing that our family tree does not involve significant number of cancer patients.

Another cause for cancer is the abuse of the body. This happens through unhealthy eating, excessive drinking, and engaging into cigarette smoking. When cancer is acquired this way, chances of healing are very minimal because even the owner of the body has actually helped the cancer cells to thrive in the body.

Another possibility for welcoming cancer into the body is when your environment is dirty and full of unhealthy elements. Examples of which are mold-heavy environments. Molds may not appear dangerous but they are like habitats of dirt and germs, making them a very good place for viruses to thrive in and reproduce. Because of this, molds should be taken seriously and immediate action against them should be done. They may not directly cause cancer, but they will cause illnesses and diseases and in those moments that the body is experiencing a lot of trouble and is in a lot of pain and sickness, cancer cells will have their opportunity to penetrate the body and make their way through the entire system and not for long, they will overpower the body.

My friend had to learn this the hard way and even though she has already been diagnosed of cancer, she does not want to risk her children falling into the same fate so she immediately contacted a mold remediation company in NJ. This team has been very effective in eradicating all mold problems for all their other clients and so they were also able to deliver such quality service to my friend as well. They were very thorough with their removal of the molds from the entire house of my friend and they also injected chemicals that ensured my friend that the molds will never be bothering them in the future.

Cancer is a very difficult thing to accept. It is also a very difficult disease to get out of. People who got it had very little chance of ever having them out of the body for good. That is why it is one of the scariest diseases one could possibly have. People should take every precaution necessary to avoid ever having to deal with cancer.

A man Named Matty Skeene

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A successful business is a good story to tell. But the story of the man behind a business’ success is more than a good story, it is inspiring. And more often than not, the most successful businessmen are the ones who avoid too much attention and media, not wanting to bring to hype their success in the hopes of still being able to experience a normal life. An example of this man with of low profile but of great success is a man named Matty Skeene.


The success story started with his birth in Minnesota and his growth to adulthood in Alabama. His father was a popcorn vendor while his mother was a homemaker. His college degree, he got from Minnesota State University and his doctorate from the same university as well. He is currently married to his second wife, Marsha Skeene. His previous marriage was with a woman named Jane who he divorced in 1994. Now he is happily married with two children and a granddaughter.


In his early years, he joined a company that was in the homebuilding business. This Homebuilding Company founded in 1957 had its headquarters, up to the present, at Alabama. It is the one of the many home builder companies that got the chance to be traded in the New York Stock Exchange. In this company, Matty found the growth and potential he needed to rise and climb higher in the corporate ladder, until finally, he became CEO of the said company.

He gave the company the dedication and hard work that it needed in order for it to become a successful business. A lot of people dream of reaching the position that he has today, yet more often than not, people do not put into action their dreams. The sad part is, when other people get to where they want, jealousy gets the better of them and try to pull the successful down.

This was also the case for Matty but he never gave those people what they wanted. Instead, he used them to be his inspiration to make sure he never fails. People who wish for your failure should not be given that satisfaction because they will only become more hateful of the world they live in. Instead, they should be given help.

Matty’s life is nowhere near easy, especially because a business depends of him so much. However, because of his loving family, the care and dedication of his employees, and the support of the people who gave him the CEO position, Matty is more than happy to continue serving them until the time for him to step down comes. He is more than happy that things are still working out for the greater good of the people who support him.


Help In Honesty or Never Mind Helping at All

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Here is a story about a young woman, worthy of recognition for her anonymous, selfless and heart-warming acts of kindness for people she does not know.

Her name is Lina Davidson and she was in her final year in college when they were given a final project for their Sociology class to study an organization of their choosing. While choosing for an organization to study on, she came across a dengue outbreak situation in a rural place in Africa. She was greatly moved and worried for the affected people, especially for the old people and the children. As she continue to search for updates on the case, she found out that Red Cross is going to the place for a medical mission, as well as to provide donations of blood for those affected by the disease.

After reading through all the information she needed, she sought out for the organization and said she would like to go on the trip and help out with the mission. The timing was perfect because it will be during her writing break for her final papers. Beyond getting authentic data for her paper, she will also be helping people. Even when she does not know these people, it felt like it would be very wrong if she did not make any efforts to help them personally. She feels that she found out about their situation for a reason, and that reason was to help, even in the littlest of ways.

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While she was there, she found out that the reason for the outbreak was an unmanned site near the area that has been hosting mosquitoes because of the stagnant waters caught up in the nooks and cranny of the place.

Together with the local folks who were fortunate not to get the disease, she helped in cleaning out the area and they all made sure that no place can cause stagnant waters, as this is the primary place for dengue mosquitoes to multiple.

The whole week, Lina forgot about her final paper and just focused on helping others. She was so caught up in the moment, so happy with what she braved to do – leave the comforts of her home and help people she could just easily ignore if she wanted to.

The mission saved a lot of lives and Lina felt so happy that she was part of such a heroic mission. When they were all getting ready to go back to Alabama, a member of the organization, together with one of the children that they were able to save from the hands of death, came up to her and gave her a CD.

In it is a documentary showing how Lina worked very hard to help the people. The people from the charity knew that she was supposedly in the mission for a paper but she has been neglecting that due to her focus on the work. That is why they gave her a copy of the documentary as a substitute for her paper.

Lina was really moved. Who would have thought that in a short span of time, she has met people who were willing to take great heights to help her, as much as she took the risk to help them.

Her story shows us all that we should be brave enough to get out there and help because small acts of bravery can go a long way, and could even save lives.